WELCOME to the very first blog of the New Zealand Poetry Box for children.

The blog will be a meeting place for children, teachers, parents, writers and readers who love reading and writing poetry for children.

For the next two years I will dedicate myself to poetry for children. I will be busy editing an anthology of poems for children, writing poems, visiting schools, organising events, sharing information.

I will post poems by children each week.

I will stage a competition once a month.

I will post poetry tips and poetry challenges each week.

I am happy to post children’s letters about poetry.

I am happy to be interviewed by children.

I will talk about children’s poetry books I love (old and new).

I will post some of my own poems for children.

I will post details of New Zealand poetry events for children.

I will interview authors who write poetry for children.

ps A big THANK YOU to Sarah Laing for designing the gorgeous header and to Random House.

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Elizabeth

    Sounds a great plan. Can I suggest that when the first poem(s), comments from you are up that you send a ‘in action’ email is sent. At this stage – you have indicated what will be (great). What is your timeline for the next steps?

  2. Paula Green Post author

    I plan to post tips, challenges and children’s poems on a weekly basis. I will host a competition once a month but for the next two months I am hosting A Fabulous Poetry Competition for Children. I will post details of this later today. I will post book reviews, children’s letters as and when when books and material comes in. I will post an interview with a children’s author once a month. I will take up your suggestion of an in-action email. Thanks!

  3. Michelle Ballard

    Hi Paula,
    At the English dept meeting at school yesterday one staff member shared the big Anthology book that had your poems in it. I shared your one with them ‘Waitakere Ranges’ and a couple of staff members were interested in some of your other work. Today they have both sent me the link to this new blog – it looks great.


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