Poetry Box Tip #1 Read Read Read

I think a poetry box has lots of secret compartments and is rather wonderful because there is no end to what can fit in it. That goes for poems and that goes for poetry tips.

My very first tip is an oldie but a goodie. If you want to get good at writing poems you need to read other poems.

Read all kinds of poems. Poems that make you laugh. Poems that make you a little sad. Poems that make you think. Poems that puzzle you just a little. Poems that tell a story. Poems that are so short they are over in the blink of your eye. Poems that are so long they might fit along the Great Wall of China. Poems that are really easy to understand. Poems that challenge you. Poems that rhyme. Poems that don’t rhyme.

I love all kinds of poetry so I love reading all kinds of poems. Sometimes I like to sit curled up on the sofa. Sometimes I like to read under a tree with one of our dogs listening as I say the best lines out loud.

Perhaps you could tell me the name of a poem you have read lately that you love and I will go hunting for it to read.




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