Roydvale Primary Interview

Congratulations to Room 11 at Roydvale Primary School in Christchurch. I picked your questions to answer.  A copy of my chapter book The Terrible Night (Random House) will be on its way to you soon.

I had fun answering your questions.

Room 11 is a Year 2 and 3 class taught by Libby Watherston. They like all sorts of things from ‘horses to karate to brownies to judo to fishing to ballet to soccer to music to drawing to pukeko.’ Thank you for telling me a bit about you too!

1.     Do you have any children?

I have two daughters; one goes to university and one is in Year 12. When they were little I used to tell them stories, one of which turned into my picture book Aunt Concertina and her Niece Evalina (Random House).


2.   What type of house do you live in and where do you live?

I live in the country near Te Henga/ Bethells Beach on the West Coast of Auckland. We have lots of bush but our house is in a clearing. It is a little house with big windows so we get big beautiful views of the sky and the tail end of the Waitakere Ranges. There are lots of birds here. I love the tui and the kereru and I have written poems abut them. I love to go for walks on the beach and swim in the sea. We have two dogs and three cats. I have posted a picture of Molly and Nonu (our dogs) and one of our views (the bush and the Waitakere Ranges). The other photo is Te Henga.

View                  IMG_0243             IMG_2426

3.   How did you learn to write poems and how long have you been writing them?

I learned to write poems by writing and trying and playing and writing and reading and sharing and teaching and writing and listening and reading and writing and writing. In Year 8 my teacher was a poet so that was pretty marvelous. It was one of my favourite years at school because he encouraged me to go exploring as a writer.

So I have been writing poems since I was at primary school. I went to Petone Central Primary (in Wellington) then Horahora Primary and Whangarei Intermediate (in Whangarei).

4.   What is your favourite food and TV programme?

I love food and I love cooking. I am getting to be a better gardener so I love picking fresh fruit and vegetables. This year I can’t believe we have eggplants and peppers and cucumbers, passion fruit and feijoas growing. I love Italian, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Spanish, Mexican, French and Pacific food. Oh, and I LOVE chocolate. I posted a photo of my favourite breakfast: juicy mango and sweet strawberries! The other one is of my veggie garden.

IMG_2729              IMG_1149

I also like watching TV. I love Australian Masterchef and really liked the Junior one. I also like watching Campbell Live. I am looking forward to watching a new Sherlock Holmes programme called Elementary (definitely for adults). One of my all time favourite adult programmes was called Treme. It was about Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and it was full of the most fabulous music. It also made me think hard about what happens when a disaster hits a place, not so much at the time but in the years to follow. It reminds me of Christchurch. I like programmes that make me think or laugh or cry or just sit back and relax.

5.   How many books have you written?

I have had about eleven books published; some of these I have written and some I have edited. If you look under ‘My Books’ on this blog you will see I have written a bit about my children’s books. I have a new poetry book for adults coming out in May called The Baker’s Thumbprint published by Seraph Press. So I am excited about that.

Picture 6                 Macaroni Moon

4 thoughts on “Roydvale Primary Interview

  1. Chris Gurney

    Ah, another Whangarei girl, Paula! There are a few of us. I started writing poetry as a child too. I love what you are doing with this blog, what a great idea.

  2. Paula Green Post author

    Thanks Chris. I am bit Whangarei, a bit Auckland, a bit Wellington and a bit London! All the chunks of time add up to me. Are you still writing poetry?

    1. Chris Gurney

      You’re an interesting recipe then! Yes I can’t seem to write any other way… All my children’s books are written in rhythm and rhyme, I’d like to be a bit more versatile!

  3. Angela S

    I am not a kid so have watched all the episodes of Treme on DVD so far. I just love it for both the music and the flawed realistic characters, so I’m glad there are others like you who are recommending it.


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