Poetry Box Challenge #2 Small Poems

WELCOME to the third week of the New Zealand Poetry Box for children. Thanks to everyone who has viewed it (well over two thousand views) and from all over the world (including New Zealand, Australia, USA, Britain, Jamaica, Mexico, India and Germany). Thanks too for the emails, the comments and the poems that are arriving in my physical Post Box for the Fabulous Poetry Competition for Children. If you scroll down the right bar you can follow me to get an email every time I post something. A special thumbs up to Christchurch. I am getting a huge response from you!

This week is Animal week. On Monday I will set you a poetry challenge, on Tuesday I will give you a poetry tip that might help you with the challenge, on Wednesday I will tell you all about my first book for children, Flamingo Bendalingo and post some poems from it, on Thursday I will tell you about a book of poems by the fabulous Joy Cowley and on Friday I will post the winner of Monday’s challenge. (BTW I took these photos at Auckland Zoo in January.)

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Let’s go Poetry!

Poetry Challenge #2 A Short Poem

I love little poems. Some of my favourite poets have written great short poems that are like eating little chocolates or sucking on a sweet strawberry. You bite, you swallow, then the flavour lingers for ages.

When you write a short poem every word has to be just right and every word has to be in the perfect place. Short poems might have two lines but they might have six lines.

I challenge you to write an animal poem using no more than fifteen words (ok you might get away with sixteen but twenty is too many!).

Send your entry to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, class, age, name of school, teacher’s name and email address (home schoolers/correspondence students your parent’s name and email adress please). The winner will get a copy of my book Flamingo Bendalingo (thanks to Auckland University Press).

Picture 6

3 thoughts on “Poetry Box Challenge #2 Small Poems

  1. Kim Pittar

    Hi Paula – I’ve just discovered this site reading Beatties Blog. Have to say – what a wonderful concept. My 12 year old is very excited about writing and submitting something to you. As a bookseller I am regularly asked to stock self-published children’s books, most are the 4 line every second line rhyming sort of story book. They usually use simple words. I have a copy of your Aunt Concertina on my bookshelf in the office and always pull this out to demonstrate what writing for children is all about. I love the language. The budding authors usually forget that extending language is what writing is about, for children. We will be following your site and I will see if I can get some Gisborne input.

    Kind regards

    Kim Pittar
    Muirs Bookshop;

  2. Paula Green Post author

    Thanks for the feedback Kim. Is your son in Year 8? If he is he can definitely enter the weekly challenges and then through his school enter the Fabulous Poetry Competition. Maybe one day I will do a Senior Poetry Box for Secondary Schools as a companion but I have to get this one established first. I am really enjoying getting poetry from children and other feedback. I look forward to seeing some writing from Gisborne!


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