NZ Poetry Box Poetry Play #2 Word Puddles

CHALLENGE TIP: I will have given you three different challenges this week: Write a poem that sounds good. Tell me about your favourite MARGARET MAHY poem. Make a word puddle (that’s today). You can try all! Just let me know which challenge it is please. Don’t forget your name, age, year, name of school, teacher and their email address (if possible). Send to If you have questions post them on here and I will answer for everyone to see.

After weeks and weeks of dry weather it has been raining and showering where I live. We are lucky as we have one huge water tank and one medium water tank and they have done a good job this summer (plus we have learnt to be careful). But yeah! for the rain.

I looked out my door at the puddle of water on the deck and it seemed surprising to see it there. It made me want to write a word puddle. I was not sure what a word puddle might be at first. Then I decided it was somewhere you put words you like that sound good together. Feel free to have a go and send me your results:


wet slosh slish wash

water wetter drip drop

cool melon cold ice

soft shower tongue out




sticky chocolate sweet slurp

chocolate treat scrumptious eat

velvety smooth slickity lips

scrumichocs chocolate box

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