Poetry Box Poetry Play #3 Word Walks

I love walking. I love walking on the beach early every morning. I love walking on the sand looking for surprises. I love walking in the bush. I love walking along the city streets hearing the hubbub of people and cars (it’s quiet where I live so it makes a change!). I love walking alongside streams and in places I have never been to before. I loved walking through the Abel Tasman National Park with my family. I even love walking up steep hills.

IMG_2947          IMG_2956

So I decided it would be fun to do some word walks. I have had a go at two. See what you can do. There are no rules. When you do a word walk you get to play with words. Send your word walk to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Don’t forget to include your name, age, year, name of school, teacher’s email if you can, and which challenge it is for.




Down the zig

up the zag

by the pohutakawa

across the wet

with my dogs

to the warm.



Down the path

up the tree

over the fence

under the bridge

by the sea


Down the tree

up the fence

over the bridge

under the sea

by the path


Down the fence

up the bridge

over the sea

under the path

by the tree

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