An Easter-break Challenge for Young NZ Poets

I will post the winners and my favourites in the Margaret Mahy sound-poem challenge sometime after the 5pm deadline today. Two lucky young poets will get a copy of Margaret’s The Word Witch.


An Easter Challenge: You can tell by now I love the beach. It is my favourite place to go in the morning. This is what it looked like early today. I took a photo but I could have written a poem.

I won’t be posting over Easter (back on Wednesday April 3) but here’s a little holiday challenge: write a poem using no more than 20 words about your favourite place to go at the weekends. Check out my tips to help you write it.

Make the place come alive with the words you pick. Send to Include your name, age, year, name of school and write Easter Challenge. HAPPY EASTER! Send to me by Tuesday April 2nd 5pm but I will post any I like over the long weekend (get Mum or Dad to help you send them).

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