Poetry Play #4 Word Recipes

Yesterday I decided to play around with word recipes. These are some of the starting points I came up with:



A Recipe for Beach Fun

A Recipe for Clean Shoes

A Recipe for Happiness

A Recipe for Saturday Afternoon

A Recipe for Daydreams

A Recipe for Space Travel

A Recipe for a Better World

A Recipe for a Boredom Buster

A Recipe for a Best Friend


If you want to give a word recipe a go (any topic you like!) send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Don’t forget to include your name, age, class, school (and teacher’s name and email if you like).


A Recipe for Sunday Afternoons

1 cup of a good book

2 cups of rain on the roof

3 cups of warm fire

3 tsp of toasted marshmallows

1 tsp of foggy windows

1 cup of walking under your umbrella

3 tsp of cold feet

4 tsp of cold fingers

5 tsp of dragon breath

1 cup of hot toast and dripping honey


Simmer gently for three hours.

Eat slowly.



A Recipe for Happiness

1 cup of walking

2 cups of reading

1 tsp of eating chocolate fish

4 tsp of watching the sun go down

4 tsp of watching the sun come up

3 cups of writing a poem

1 cup of hearing the tui sing and the kereru swoop

1 cup of eating a crisp apple (not floury)


Mix together gently.



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