Patrick Ness

Trying to post something away from computer. It may or may not work!

I got to go to Patrick Ness’s session with 1400 students. He engaged them beautifully as he showed how stories need lots of ideas and that those ideas can be big and glorious (we live in a noisy world as it is with decreasing privacy) or big and stupid (dogs in stories always talk like humans not dogs so why not have a dog sticking to topics that interest them!).

I loved the way he showed facts from yourbown life with no visible value (where you are in he family) can feed the story. You can borrow a feeling and experience from your own life and invest it in different ways in a character in your story. So he picked four facts fom his life and showed how they found a way into the Chaos Walking trilogy.

Exciting to hear the makers of the Hunger Games films are going to transform the Chaos Walking trilogy into film.

I loved The Knife of Never Letting Go ( a book for teenagers) so it was great to see him conversing with his audience.

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