NZ Poetry Box gets popping

This weekend I am so busy going to the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival, I have decided to give you another week on your story poem entries as I don’t have time post the poems and write about them today. Get to me by Thursday 23rd May 6pm.

So look back over the past two weeks on the blog and get your imagination popping and see what you do. Thanks to Gecko Press the winners will get a copy of the Joy Cowley’s gorgeous collection of stories, Friends.


I do have a few more poems I want to post next week, but after my visit to the BLENNZ immersion course at the Homai Campus, the group of blind students got popping popcorn and when they had finished that (and eating it I bet) they started popping words and came up with this delicious poem together. (BLENNZ is the Blind and Low Vision Education Network of NZ)

I love this poem because it has the energy of popcorn. The words sizzle and pop on the page and on my tongue. Oooh I loved the simile (the dragon’s lair) and the words that shine in a line (lightweight,smokey, buttery). I loved the repetition in the middle ( up up up) and I loved the ending because I love the way food can take you places (back to well loved memories). Congratulations young poets you put a big buttery smile on my face this morning.

Buttery Missiles

Popcorn is hot and sometimes it’s soft

Popping round the ferris wheel

Shooting through the air

The popcorn seeds exploding

Up, Up, Up

Rocketing, rocketing

Like dragons coming out of their dark lair

Hard as rocks or soft as snow

Popcorn is like lightweight clouds

Falling out of the sky

Down to the earth

Soft smoky buttery smells shooting out

The overwhelming aroma taking me to the cinema.


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