This Week on Poetry Box

This week (unlike other weeks) I have no idea what I will post each day as I have so much on. Tomorrow I am flying to Wellington for the second launch of my book — and with a new book out  I am really lucky to have some interviews to do. It is always fun (and slightly scary) talking about what you have just written. I always hope I find the words to answer the questions because it is not the same as sitting at your computer typing away at your own pace (as I am doing now!) and a delete key at your fingertips. So an exciting week for me.

I have been at the Auckland Writers and Readers festival all weekend and I am full to the brim with new words and ideas and books to read. I got to hear Kate De Goldi read from The ACB of Honora Lee and that was such a highlight. The words make magic on the page and they most definitely make magic in the air.

Check out the interview she did for Poetry Box last week (Wednesday).

SO I am just reminding you ALL to have a go at a story poem ( a poem that has a little story in it about a place or a person or something that happened). You have until Thursday 23rd 6pm to send to me at

My second challenge this week is to give you another chance to interview me (it seems fitting in my week of interviews). It can be a class set of questions or an individual set. I have done this once with a class from Roydvale School so see if you can come up with some different questions. Send to by Friday May 24th. I will post the interview next week.

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