Poetry Play Pick ‘n Mix

When I was at the festival I heard an author from Britain say she liked to write a list of heaps of things she was interested in and then try and put them in a novel. It sounds a bit like a join-the-dots picture as she wanted to link the things up.

I thought it would be fun to write a poem like this. Think of five things you like and then try and put them all in a poem.

I thought of water, chocolate, fountain pen, windows, kereru and then tried writing a poem (see below for my first go). It’s quite tricky  but its definitely fun! I had no idea where the poem was going to take off to.  

Have a go!  Send to paulajoygreen@ gmail.com. Don’t forget your name, age, year and name of school.

When I Was Young

When I was young

the bump on my writing finger

was covered in radiant blue ink

from my fountain pen,

and if I wasn’t careful my words

would end up floating

in a pool of watery blue.

I would look out the window at the kereru

and dream of hot chocolate

(we used to drink cocoa)

and the long walk home

up Maunu Road.

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