Your bubbles and nursery rhymes on Poetry Box

I love the way some of you search back through the mini challenges and send in poems. Thank you! It is never too late to do this.

Madeleine sent this poem from Gisborne. She is in Year 8, aged 12 and goes to Campion College. I like the Madeleine has combined action with objects. Each line has a great rhythm and you get a real sense of the swimming occasion. Great job!

Bubble bubble

Shoulders arms hands

Pull through the water

Kick kick


Breath blow out

Roll your body


Glide across the top

Dive to the bottom

Flip at the ends


Tight rubber cap

Tight fitting goggles


Pull buoys


Drills breast stroke back stroke free style

Dolphin dives

Flutter boards noodles


Bubble bubble

Shoulders arms hands

Pull through the water

Kick kick
Mrs McRobbie teaches Year 6 at Ohaupo School and sent in these playful nursery rhymes that two students in her class wrote. Amy and Lucy have mixed and matched things as you will see! It was fun to read them.

Incy wincy spider
went up the bumpy hill,
got a pail of water
and splashed it on Jill.

Humpty had a little lamb,
little lamb, little lamb.
Humpty had a little lamb
that was very fat.
It was so greedy
it had a tummy ache.

Twinkle twinkle
little black sheep,
one for the star
and one for me.

Humpty and Jill,
went up the rocky hill
to get a basket of eggs.
On the way down Humpty
tripped on his crown,
and tumbled down
and cracked his head

By Amy and Lucy 10 years



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