Umbrella in Puddles and Wax on Trees

Poets are often on the look out for interesting things to put in their poems. Some poets keep little notebooks to store words in — things they see or hear as they move through the world.

Sometimes when we move through the world (walking, biking, skateboarding, training, busing, aeroplaning, swimming, running, skipping we don’t notice anything we are so busy moving.

Sometimes it is really great to stop and take a breath and soak up what you see and hear. Everything that your eyes and ears have got used to will start dancing in your eyes and ears again. These bits of the world might end up in your poem.

Sometimes everything about the world is usual except for one thing and that one thing is a little bit surprising or a very big bit unusual. And that might end up in a poem!

You might want to try my challenge at the bottom of this post!

This morning when I was walking back to the beach carpark I saw two things I don’t usually see there. They might end up in a poem, but I took photos so you could see them too.

I saw candle wax dripping out of a tree onto a stone below ( well it had finished dripping and was now more like a frozen icicle).




I saw an umbrella in a big puddle of water floating as though it were a duck.


Try writing a poem where you put in something you have seen or heard that you don’t usually notice or that has surprised you!  Send to Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teacher’s email and name if you like.  I will post my favourites.

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