Beach poem in the making #2

I have played with this poem a bit more and it is still not right!

Sophia sent a great line for the end: ‘And I watched ’till mist covered the beach like a sheet’

I liked the way that linked back to the steam on the sea.

Anita told me she was confused by the gladiators. One thing in the poem is not true (but it is not the gladiators!).

I decided to make it more of a list poem and have added more things but I am still not happy with the ending! Endings can be tough.

At the Beach

When the sun was peeking at me

from the lip of the hill, I saw

an umbrella in a puddle and wax in a tree

dogs on the sand and steam on the sea,

an avocado on our bumper and a rose by a shell

dotterels in the dunes and a bright red trowel.

I saw a dead whale beached and gladiators dancing

a fisherman fishing and an old wooden cart,

baby seals barking and a helicopter swooping

an odd red sock and an odd blue shoe.

This day and that day, stormy days and film days

I never know what I will see next.




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