If all the world were made of toffee or toasted moon sandwiches

I was going to post some food poems by other poets but have been too busy on the children’s anthology to get permission so will post one of mine instead. The bad news is I won’t be able to tell you which children are going in the book by the end of June, but the good news is I know there will be more than five!

I know it is hard waiting to hear things (I am doing it for something I have written at the moment and I know whatever happens I will just get on and write another poem because that is what I love to do!).

I really like the idea of writing a food poem that takes me to a special occasion or another country or another place. Food is a great sparker of memories. I will do this soon!

But I have to get to work on the anthology so I will post these funny poems from Macaroni Moon (published by Random House in 2009 now out-of-print).

Macaroni Moon  Macaroni Moon  Macaroni Moon

I tried to think of crazy food combinations in the first one, the second one is a short poem where I wonder something, the third one is a longer poem where I wonder something,  I mix the beginnings of words up in the fourth poem and in the last one I mash up words. I had fun!

Nutty Food

Peanut butter on peach,

what a treat!

Chocolate on egg,

you’re pulling my leg!

Jelly on fish,

what a dish!

Meatballs in custard,

delicious with MUSTARD!



If all the world were made of toffee

we’d be stuck together in a sticky heap

and all we’d do is eat!


Macaroni Moon

If cheese was made of MOON

and the MOON were made of cheese,

I’d eat toasted MOON sandwiches

grated MOON on tacos, MOONy pizza

MOON on crackers, cauliflower MOON sauce.



But at the start of the night

there’d be CHEESElight

on the bed as I read.




Dinner Time

“Excuse me,”

asked Sam.

“Would you like

chish and fips for dinner?

Or nicken choodle casserole

pish fasta

mangers and bash

cish furry?”

“You must be joking,”

replied Jill,

“I rather fancy

sumpkin poup!”



I Love Spaghetti

I love spaghetti

it tastes DELIGETTI.

I love lasagna

it tastes DELISAGNA.

I love macaroni

it tastes DELICONI.

I love fish

it tastes DELICIOUS!

© Paula Green  Macaroni Moon Random House 2009

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