East Taieri School takes off like a fleet of birds

Year 5 and 6 from East Taieri School have sent in some poems and I would like to post some of them. They took up my idea of seeing unusual things together.

Ben has written a poem about skiing, and as I am hopefully about to have a day on the mountain in Queenstown this weekend, this struck a chord with me! He has captured a moment beautifully and used some surprising similes. I am hoping my skis don’t take off like birds! Great job Ben.

A crash on a snowy slope

As I clip my skis on I see people skiing down the soft snowy slope.

The lifts take off like a fleet of birds ready to roam.

My skis slide and my poles push down the slope.

The snow is like water flicking into the air.

I look up and see the people in the lifts waiting to get to the top.

But without looking in front of me my skis flip and …THUMP!

My legs are crossed and I slide fast down the slippery ice out of control but I say to myself,

“No need to worry everyone crashes in skiing.”

So I uncross my legs and push, push, push with all my might like a fighter wanting to win the battle and …

Finally I am up sliding down the hill like a pro.


Ella  has had fun with a list of surprising things and not so surprising things. I like the way she moved from dogs barking to double rainbows.  I also think the short lines work really well. Great job Ella!

A normal morning

In the morning I see and hear

Cars on the rail way track

Shoes hanging from power lines

Dogs barking

Double rainbows

Cows mooing

Wheels squeaking

Trees creaking —

and that is all in a  normal morning

By Ella


Julian has written a poem that is a bit like a story (which is always fun!). He has found a great rhythm and I like the way his poem offers a little surprise — this could actually happen! Great job Julian.

At the beach 

As I run along the beach

I kick the ball across the soft sand

Into a little pool

In there I see two giant crabs

A limpet hanging for its life

A couple of tiny fish swimming in a group…

Then strangely enough I see a two dollar coin

Will I take the risk of getting snipped by a crab and get it…

Or shall I be good ?

By Julian 


I like the way Jack’s poem has a sense of humour and is slightly whacky. I was pleased to see it turned out all right in the end. This poem made me laugh. Great job Jack.

At the Dental School

When I go to the dental school

And get into the room, I see…

Lots of groovy glasses on patients’ faces,

Lights as bright as a car head lights turned on full,

Dentist men looking funny in dresses, wearing their masks, linking up, waiting like soldiers

ready to battle those naughty teeth.

I lie down with my mouth open as wide as I can.

Then the man says “No problems here, You’re free to go.”

My dream Dental School visit.

By Jack 


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