Sophia’s underwater realm

Sophia told me she didn’t use similes but she used metaphors. See if you can spot them. This is a poem as rich as the deep sea. The length of the lines suits the poem.

The Underwater Realm


A watery Kingdom,

An underwater world

Hidden from view, lost in a forest of slimy tentacles

Stingrays stand guard in their black and white uniforms, defending a vault of sand dollars

Clownfish perform while a school of fish are learning about boats

Catfish chase their tails and seahorses gallop in circles

But all is hidden from view, blocked by a wall of waving arms, reaching for the sky

Nothing can be seen by the outside world but a few scattered fish, lost in the paths of the sea

All is veiled by a slimy barrier of seaweed


I am from Saint Kentigern Girls School, I am 11 years old and am in Year 7.


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