Cheese dips and apples: The winners of the food poem challenge

Thank you for sending in scrumptious poems for the food-poem challenge. I really enjoyed reading them all.

I am posting a few of my favourites along with the winners. If you missed out this time do send in a poem in the holidays and do try my competitions next term.


There are two winners today, one older and one younger. Sophia’s poem is like a little story that makes you think of the food you don’t like (for me tripe and junket!). I really like ‘like a bubble of butter that’s burst’. I got to meet Sophia last week as I judged the poetry competition at St Kentigern Girls’ School. She won the Year 7 section with her wonderful ballad. With her permission I have posted the photo of us. It was lovely to meet her. I am sending Sophia a copy of my book Macaroni Moon (illustrated by Sarah Laing, Random House, 2009, now out of print!).

Macaroni Moon   Macaroni Moon   Macaroni Moon   Macaroni Moon

Cheese dip
I don’t like a lot of food but cheese dip is the worst
oozing over the carrots and snacks
like a bubble of butter that’s burst.

I can’t hide it somewhere or it would smell fouler,
someone would notice if I put it on
my cat’s plate for her to devour.

Mum says I have to eat it
or at least give it a try
otherwise I won’t get any dessert
and we’re having my favourite pie.

I guess I’ll just have to eat it, I pinch my nose so tight
and squint at the gloopy mess on my spoon
it doesn’t look natural or right.

I close my eyes and lick it.
It actually tastes quite good.
It has that creamy texture,
who cares if it looks like the recipe should?

Mum said I had to eat it,
I’m glad I gave it a try.
It is now one of my favourite foods
and I can have my chocolate pie.

Sophia aged 11, Year 7, St Kentigern Girls’ School (Auckland)

Izzi sent in this poem and I really liked the simple rhythm and rhyme. It is a good poem to say out loud. Great job Izzi! Thanks to Scholastic I am sending you a copy of Marmaduke and the Marmalade Jam (by Juliette MacIver, illustrated by Sarah Davis, Scholastic, 2013). It also has great rhymes and rhythms. You might be inpsired to write more when you read it!

206269_157618850966435_3358613_n   206269_157618850966435_3358613_n   206269_157618850966435_3358613_n

The Apple
As cold as ice
as flaming as spice
as juicy as meat
that a tiger will eat
as bright as the sun
that warms everyone
as sweet as some cake
that is ready to bake.

Izzi aged 7, Year 3 Otari School (Wellington)

Sarah Dickson’s Year 5 and 6 class from East Taieri School sent in these food poems. I think they had fun writing them!

Nutty Food
Cheese and cream makes me dream
Toast and pie makes me die
Sandy candy makes me handy
Powder and flour makes me sleep for an hour

Nutty Food
Ice cream and bread hurts my head.
Chocolate and peas make me fall to my knees.
Flour and coffee makes me hoppy.
Ham and jam helps me drive my van.
Potatoes and cheese causes me to sneeze!

Nutty Food
Nuts and cream makes me scream
Peas and flour – I really need a shower.
Fish and meat it’s such a treat
Milk and eggs you are killing my legs
Jam and cheese oh no I am going to sneeze!

Nutty Food
Salt and mustard you make me feel disgusted
Wasabi and fish is so delish
Eggs and Lamb helps me be still like Sam
Chicken and pie makes me want to fly
Sugar and powder is so sour.

Nutty Food
Porridge with fish, oh what a dish.
Spaghetti and flour now I need a shower.
Toothpaste and cheese I don’t want that please!
Mushrooms and cream that’s my dream
Apple and coffee makes me toffee!

Nutty Food
Jam and ham makes me baa like a ram
Cake with fish oh what a dish
Cheese and peas more please
Toast and pie makes me cry … I sigh …
Chicken and fizzy makes me dizzy
Sausage and pork makes me snort!

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