8 Cool signs and a Poetry Bonanza

Busy busy busy! Back from my mini holiday and I have events on every day so tomorrow I will have a bunch of catchup blogs for you!

This is a BIG GINORMOUS LARGE GLORIOUS call out to all the young poets of New Zealand (up to year 8!).

It is the holidays next week so think of Poetry Box has a place you can have holiday adventures.

Everyday I will post a mini challenge and every day I would love to post your poems or letters.


Send to: paulajoygreen@gmail.com  Include your name, age, school year and name of school.


It makes  a difference when parents know that this is a good site for children to use so thanks to all the schools who are passing my details on.


Next term I hope to get flyers printed off so I can send them to schools who want them (any sponsorship of this gratefully received and acknowledged!).


I have lots of holiday poems I want to write. My advice: Keep your ears flapping and your eyes open wide and you will spot ideas for poems when you are on holiday (as I told Blockhouse Bay Primary School yesterday!).


Here are some cool signs I saw on holiday (some of them might go into a poem I write so watch this space!):

I saw this one when I was in the toilet in the dark in a cafe because I couldn’t find the light switch and then I couldn’t open the door! Then when I found the switch I saw this sign on the door.


IMG_3518IMG_3334 IMG_3516 IMG_3424 IMG_3452 IMG_3515  IMG_3517

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