ANNOUNCING the winners of The Fabulous NZ Poetry Competition for Children

Congratulations young writers, teachers and parents. I received nearly 2,000 poems so you can imagine it was an ELEPHANT task reading my way through them all. It was really hard narrowing it down as there were so many wonderful entries. I think some schools must be little writing havens as they sent in so many good poems.

There were poems about cats, dogs, paddocks, beaches, the moon, wizards, witches, blue, yellow, fireworks, families, feelings, dragons, space, people, places, the world, gardens and a thousand other things.

There were fat poems, skinny poems, funny poems, musical poems, poems that rhyme, poems that don’t, scary poems, thoughtful poems, imaginative poems, surprising poems, sad poems, happy poems.

There were similies that popped and words that shone.

Once I had a pile of 300 to 400 it got even harder. So I want to post these on Poetry Box over the next year. A Poem A Day is what I plan!

I was looking for poems that would be right for the anthology and with some poems the subject matter wasn’t right even though the poems were good. Some poems had lines shining out but the rhythm went haywire in other parts. DO read your poems out loud to check them!

It was so hard picking that Jenny Hellen (the fabulous publisher at Random House) and I decided we needed more than five winners – we have ended up with 20! So that is exciting!

DO enter the Second Fabulous Poetry Competition and do enter the little challenges and competitions on Poetry Box. I am hoping these will be fun and help you on your writing adventures. (I want to host a holiday-poetry bonanza during the holidays so get Mum and Dad to help you onto the blog. Just google Poetry Box and you will find it).

Once I had picked the winners I realised the schools stretch across NZ — and that I had picked more than one poem from some schools, and that I had picked two poems from Becky R from Arrowtown School. She is a terrific young poet.

I will be in touch with more details later this year. All winners will get a copy of the book: A Treasury of New Zealand Poetry for Children. I am not posting their poems on the blog you will have to read them in the book!

So without further ado here are the winners:

Arapohue Primary School Stella B ‘Colour Poem’ Y6 aged 9

Arrowtown Primary Becky R ‘Reflections’ and ‘The Moon’ Y8 aged 12

East-Taieri School Adam S ‘The Orchard’ Y5 aged 10

Ellerslie School Sofia P ‘A Witch in the Sky’ Y4 aged 8

Freemans Bay School Charlie A ‘Dragons’ Y3 aged 7

Gladstone Primary Anne-Marie G ‘Nana’s Painting’ Y6 aged 10

Gladstone School Eden M ‘Statue Cat’ Y6 aged 10

Maihiihi School (now at Kakaraamea School) Emily B ‘Cows in Drought’ Y6 aged 10

Manurewa East Primary School Luke W “The Ferocious Giant’ Y6 aged 10

Medbury School Henry E ‘The Veranda View’ Y6 aged 10

Newbury School Madeleine W ‘Pukeko’ Y6 aged 10

Redcliffs School Skye  ‘Outstanding Outside’ Y4 aged 8

Remarkables Primary School Lochy B ‘Getting a Fish’ Y3 aged 7

Remarkables Primary School Max S ‘The Sound Collector’ Y3 aged 7

Russley School Caleb S ‘Be a Poem’ Y8 aged 12

St Brigids School Nathan H ‘Dragons’ Y5 aged 9

St Brigids School Mac V ‘Did you ever?’ Y5 aged 9

St Mary’s Catholic School Otorohanga Amanda MacDonald-Keepa ‘Autumn’ Y6 aged 10

via Glyn Strange and The School for Young Writers in Christchurch:

Alex S ‘Country Roast’ Y8 aged 12  (Freeville School)

Holly G ‘Estuary Dance’ Y8 aged 12 (St Canice’s)

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