Ewen’s endless poem

I like the way Ewen’s list poem changes its beginnings. Try doing a list poem and playing around with the beginnings. Make a pattern. Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com with your details.


My eyes are like water, sailing the seas
My eyes are like cameras, flinching in summer
My eyes are like telescopes, watching where I go
My eyes are like a crocodile’s mouth, opening and shutting
My eyes are cold ice and warm sun

I am the gold in happiness
I am the wind brushing peoples coats
I am the snow, trickling down on my birthday
I am the colour, that lightens people when they are sad
I am the future, that tells all

There is always fun made from boredom
There is always blood, which resembles suffering
There is always a puddle of words that have meaning
There is always a gate which looks shut but is actually flimsy
There is always light in the darkest of times



Ewen W aged 10, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air Primary School

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