Holiday Bonanza: Shona’s Funeral Poetry

Shona has sent in a marvellous poem that is very personal. I love the way she captures this sad occasion with words that show a mix of feelings. I always think it helps to put real detail in a sad poem so I thought the grapes, Anzac biscuits and cousins made the poem so much more real for me.


I loved reading this. It took me back to Nelson as that is where my mother comes from. I went to my uncle’s funeral in Richmond a few years back (he used to have a farm in Appleby where I spent my summer holidays as a little girl). I love the way somebody else’s poem can open up your own stories. Great job Shona! I do hope you take up my challenges over the coming year on Poetry Box.



Hi Paula

My name is Shona G and a couple of years ago my Poppa died. At my school everyone was writing disco poems but seeing as I didn’t go to the disco I wrote a poem about my Poppa’s funeral.

I was 10 when I wrote this and I am now 11 turning 12. I went to Appleby School and now go to Waimea Intermediate in Nelson.



Funeral Poetry


Tears in upset people’s eyes,

Sore legs from standing on the altar,

Heaps of people supporting our family,

At Poppa’s funeral.


Sniffling people trying to hold back tears,

He was a wonderful man,

Talking and crying at the same time,

At Poppa’s funeral.


Laughter from funny things people say,

I miss him dearly,

Eating all of the grapes,

At Poppa’s funeral.


I feel very tearful,

Lots of Anzac biscuits,

I liked seeing all of my cousins,

At Poppa’s funeral.


By Shona G.





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