Poetry Holiday Bonanza: After One Tree Hill ….. Poetry!


Sarah took her two children and their cousins up into the wild wind on One Tree Hill, and then they came back and did my Monday holiday challenge (random words from me). I loved reading the poems. I could almost feel the wind racing through the poems as though you had brought the wild weather back into the cosy house!

Here are some of the poems. Ella and Grace have made their poems into bite-sized stories. Each line sings out beautifully. Actually Nelson and Anna have bite-sized story poems too. I love the way Anna’s poem ends. I can just picture you all writing poems! Bravo!


It starts to get dark.

I’ve got a torch but it starts raining.

Quick, everybody’s hurrying away from the erupting mountain,

I grab my torch and turn it on for a moment.

I see mum, then she disappears into the rain …


Ella age 9, year 5, Maungawhau School



Tiger eats a piece of chocolate.

It is yummy chocolate.

It is raining.

It is cold.

Tiger is cold, very cold.

It is dark, the stars are out.


Grace age 5, year 1, Maungawhau School


Chocolate and tiger.

Tiger sees a nice piece of chocolate. Yum, Yum, Yum says the tiger. YOU SHALL NOT EAT ME!!!!!!! said the chocolate. Then the tiger’ friends come and kill the chocolate!!!!!!!! YUM, YUM, YUM for my tum.


Nelson age 7, year 3, Maungawhau School


Torch and rain

I was walking down the street

When it started to sleet

So I got my torch out

And I looked about

I saw a tree

And I realised I was free

I then saw a wall

The wall of the hall

So I went inside

And saw a slide

All with my torch in the rain.

Anna age 10, year 6, Pt Chev Primary


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