Holiday Poetry Bonanza: Ella takes off …..

Ella has sent in this poem. There is lots of great detail here. I love the line ‘the sky flushes with colour.’ And I love the way the poem builds and builds and then you get to see what Ella would like to do in the holidays if she could do anything. Great job Ella!

Holiday poetry bonanza challenge: If you could do anything


A weathered, well-used shearer’s hut.

Wildflowers, splashes of rainbows, under towering white pines.

Birds sing the world good morning as the sky flushes with colour.

Thick frost crunches underfoot, a thick coat of ice.

Two horses neighing, a black, a bay, from under their rugs.

The squeak of saddle leather as we ride into the forest, dawn breaking overhead.

Two friends, the world an adventure.


By Ella S, year 8, 12 years old, Ohaupo School.


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