Holiday poetry bonanza: Ewen goes behind the present wall (or over it!)

Ewen imagined what she would like to do these holidays if she could go anywhere. I really like the line ‘past the present wall.’ It would be fun writing a poem where you describe a future world. What will we eat, wear, do? How will we travel? Where will we live? Ewen’s poem got me thinking! Have a go!



If I were to go anywhere,

anywhere at all,

I’d go into the future,

past the present wall.


I’d see behind the clouds,

shrouding the bad,

I’d see behind the moon,

shrouding the good.


Though it’d be exciting

interesting and fun,

it could be a dream,

or a trick someone’s done.


I wouldn’t be sure,

as I’d return the same,

it’d only be a memory,

or something rather lame.


Ewen W aged 10, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air School, Christchurch


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