My 200th post for Poetry Box: A Poem a Day#2

To celebrate my 200th post on Poetry Box I thought I would post a poem by a young writer. This poem is from my pile of favourite poems entered for the Fabulous Poetry Competition.


Siena L goes to Redcliffs School in Christchurch. She is Year Three and is aged 7. I really like saying her poem out loud. There are some great words on the ends of the line in the first verse. And I love how all the verses are different.


Celebrations need little gifts so I will send Siena a copy of my book Macaroni Moon to celebrate. In fact Poetry Box will be 6 months old on August 13th.



Rain tree


Rain trees can flood

thunder bolts bang,

trees rustle as they

move side to side,

snow falls down


Rain makes puddles so you can play in drizzle,

you might be allowed to play in it


Big raindrops fall from the sky

When rain drops it makes mud on dirt


I like playing in the rain

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