A Poem a Day: Rosie’s ballad spins and whirls

Rosie sent in a ballad for the big competition and I really like it. Her poem has lots of energy. Ballads are like little stories in the form of a poem and were often about myths or legends. In the past they were told aloud so the rhyme on the end of the line would helped the poet remember what came next. Sometimes they had verses with six lines and sometimes they were written as couplets. A ballad always tells a story so you could say that this story is from the point of view of a snowflake. I really like the ending. Great job Rosie!

Rosie goes to Nelson College for Girls Preparatory School (my mum went to Nelson Girls College!). She is 12 years old and is in Year 8.

I look forward to seeing more of your poems on Poetry Box, Rosie.


Snowflake: A Ballad

I’m just a snowflake,

Floating through the air.

Soaring around,

Whirling everywhere.

Suddenly the wind blows,

faster and faster I go.

Spiralling down, down, down.

I’ve lost all my control.

I hit the ground hard,

I’m in such a muddle.

I don’t leave much behind,

Just an ice-cold puddle.

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