A Poem a Day: Violet is Going for Gold and she is 7

Another of my favourite poems entered in the big competition. Violet has written this wonderful poem about going for gold. This poem is full of energy. I felt like I was in the race too as I read it. It is like a story in the form of a poem. It helps having lines that are different lengths. It helps having some good similes. It also helps not having the word ‘I’ on every line. that makes it seem like the poet is puffed and can’t get many words out. I loved reading this. Great job Violet!

Violet N is 7, in Year 3 and goes to Wadestown School in Wellington.

Going for Gold

Walking on to the bike track,

With a stomach full of butterflies fluttering.


Hard helmets rushing through the wind,

Light legs pumping in order — left, right, left, right.

Open mouth puffing like a greyhound running.

Fast like a speeding car on the motorway.

Huge crowd’s encouraging me to do my very best.

Very tired, but still aiming for gold.

I am as fast as a lion chasing a zebra.

The game is nearly over … just a few miles to go.

I am just three meters away from the finish.


The dazzling gold medal is mine — and only mine!

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