White fog and my last day in Christchurch

This is my last day in Christchurch and it is National Poetry Day. I think we should all buy a NZ poetry book today to celebrate poetry. I will hunt for one in Christchurch.

The new Poet Laureate has been announced, Vincent O’Sullivan, so I offer my warm congratulations. He has written some wonderful poems over the past decades.

Today I am off to Redcliffs School in Somner which I am very excited about. I have never been to this suburb before and I know it is very different now.

I have to say the schools in Christchurch are so friendly and the students so lovely. Yesterday I went to Roydvale School in Burnside and the children were really keen to join in. The very youngest children climbed on the stage and helped me make a long, elephant poem. Marvellous! I will do a post next week about my visit to Libby Watherstone’s class. The class was buzzing with poetry.

Yesterday I did a writing workshop with students at Christchurch Girls College and they dove in and gave it a go. We didn’t have much time but they showed how poetry can move in so many directions and that is what makes it rich.


White fog
hangs on the paddock
like whispy candy floss.
I stop the car and watch,
listening out for the sound
of cows, but my GPS
tells me to ‘go straight.’
If I am not careful, I might get lost
in the white fog.

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