The Story-Poem Competition … ready, steady let’s go!

You have two weeks to write a story poem and send it to me at

Send to me by Friday August 30th.

Include your name, age, year and name of school, and teacher’s name and email if you can.

This will be a little story in the form of a poem. It might be something that happened to you, it might be something you make up or it might be a bit of both.

It can be as long as you like. You can use rhyme but make sure it makes sense (sometimes rhyme can go wrong and it doesn’t fit the story of the poem).

You might like to make up a character for your story.

I hope younger children and older children enter this (up to Year 8).

Thanks to Scholastic I have a copy of the beautiful poem story, The Song of the Ship Rat by Ben Brown (author) and Helen Taylor (illustrator) to give away. Just published this year, this is is a cool story with gorgeous illustrations.  For younger children!

I also have a copy of my chapter book The Terrible Night (Random House, 2008) to give away.


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