This week on Poetry Box a little flock of quails, David Hill, photos, Christchurch, Storylines ….

This week on Poetry Box is going to be SO busy as there is lots to catch up on and lots to look forward to. Today I will post the winners of the winter-poem competition and the form-poem competition. Today I will also post the details of the next competition. This week I will do a feature on my visit to Christchurch and post some of my favourite poems. I will also post some more poems from a A Poem Day. And I will post some poems and photographs, and tell you all about Storylines. Plus I cam going to do a feature post on the fabulous David Hill.

David told me when he writes a poem, ‘I always seem to end up telling a story, which I usually write as…..well, a story.’ So he didn’t think he was that good at poems, but I think some of the best poems tell stories. So to keep David company this week, I thought I would run another story-poem competition. I will post the details later today, but in the meantime you can think about poems that tell little stories.

IMG_3766 IMG_3768

I have loved my time away and going to Storylines yesterday, but it is very nice to be back home with the two dogs, three cats, two daughters and Michael. It was great to walk along the beach this morning and smell that crisp sea air again.  There were some pretty cotton flags at the beginning of the beach track (this could be a little poem I am sure). This is what we also saw on the way:

On the Road to Bethells Beach

Why do the family of quails

huddle together in a close flock

and walk across the road

in front of you, risking feathers

and limbs, instead of flying?

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