Whoop! Whoop! The Poetry-Form Competition Results


Thanks to the lovely Siobhan Harvey the winner gets a copy of this book (I LOVE this book!)

And thank you for sending in all your poems using different poetry forms. The winner chose the triolet form where you repeat lines (see my post on August 9th). I thought the repeating lines in Ewen’s poem were beautiful and I loved the sound of the words with one syllable piling up together. I think her poem shows how you can stick to a poetry form and create a really good atmosphere in your poem. Have a go yourself and send me what you come up with! Congratulations Ewen, this poem has really stuck with me.


It is pitch black dark

No trace of light,

Not a single spark

It is pitch black dark,

Like the sea of a shark

or a picture of midnight,

it is pitch black dark

no trace of light.

Ewen  aged 11, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air Primary School, Christchurch

Edward N is aged 10 and goes to Parnell District School. He made up the form for this poem. I like the way the poem grows like the ocean grows. Great job Edward!

The water hisses,

the water grows,

it makes colours in the clouds,

it sucks the beaches in and out

to where King Neptune lives his life.


Sophia from St Kentigern’s sent in this lovely haiku:


In the winter I

Sit by the fire to stay warm

Slurping hot chocolate


Ewen also sent in a sonnet, a tanka and this haiku. I love the middle line very much indeed!


Trees wear thick, white coats

roads wear silver-ice diamonds

life wears anything.


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