A Poem a Day: Ruby’s exasperating bat!

Ruby sent in this poem for the big competition and I really like the little story it told. It has got great energy and rhythm. Ruby is aged 8, in Year 4 and goes to Renwick School in Blenheim. I do hope everything is okay with you with all those shakes you are getting down your way.

I hope you are all having fun trying out story poems — little poems that tell a story.

And I would love to see some more poems from you Ruby. Great job!

The Exasperating Bat

Mother is jumping up and down

‘A bat!’ she cried, ‘There’s a bat in town!’

And it is right here in this house

It is no larger than a rat or a mouse

And is sniffing at our berries and flowers,

Flying around with enormous powers

‘Quick cat,’ yelled Mum. ‘Get it now!’

‘Yum yum,’ said the cat, ‘Meow.’

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