Here are some of my favourite poems from the Mystery Box Poem Competition at Storylines (5 to 7 years)

Ruby won the senior Bring a Poem to Read (see my last post) and Esther won the junior poem. Esther’s dad said it was the first poem she has written so that was pretty special. She is Year 1. Here is a photo of her with her dad.



These were some of our favourite poems  in the Junior section of the Mystery Box Poem Competition.

Max (6) wrote this perfect little poem:

The Beach

We live near the beach

I like the way it smells

and I like finding things

most of all the shells


Kay (6) wrote this cool poem about the moon. Every word is just right:

The Moon

Some people think the moon’s made of cheeses

but it’s made of rock.

It lives with stars all twinkling

bright in the black, night sky.


I love Bella’s (5) little star poem. It sounds good when you say it aloud:

Stars, Stars

In the sky



in the sky.

And finally Harry’s (6) poem that made me laugh too!


Something Funny

I might laugh at books,

cows, bottoms and tickles.

Funny dances,


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