Here are some of my favourite poems from the Mystery Box Poem Competition at Storylines (8 to 12 years)

IMG_3756  IMG_3758

Lots of children came and joined in the fun at the Poetry Corner at the Storylines Family Day in Auckland. Elena and I were so busy we didn’t get a change to hear any of the other authors but it was great to have lots of hugs with all my favourite writers.


You can see Mira, Ruby, Jared, Travis and Evan writing mystery box poems here:


IMG_3748 IMG_3747

Here are some of the winners and favourite poems in the senior section (8 to 12 years).

Ruby (aged 8) was one of the winners of the Senior section. She has used great detail and I do like the ending!


Soft playful little grey ball,

twirling around the floor,

big furry ears twitching,

small grey paws patting along the floor,

she makes me happy.


1001950_10151800034711438_1317069645_n 1150181_10151800034881438_1680805036_n


Mira (10) was a winner with this poem. She had to write about something cold. I like the ending as it put a smile on my face and she has picked some delicious words.


Freezing snow tingling your spine,

The snow is a creamy white that shines,

Throwing snowballs and making a snowman,

The snow is no place to get a good tan.


I also liked this Ruby’s (9) poem about her favourite food. Watch out for the ending! Unfortunately she didn’t get to hear me read it out but everyone loved it. But she won the bring a poem to read competition. Here she is with her sister Ava.


My Favourite Food

Egg sandwiches

chocolate fish

strawberry milkshakes

hot cocoa

sausage rolls,

my mum slept in while I made lunch.


Anna (10) wrote this marvelous poem. It is mysterious and atmospheric:


Temperature rises

Beads of sweat stain my forehead.

Falling to the ground,

Red, hot, burning skies.

Floating on clouds, running away

Sun owns lonely skies.


Travis (12) wrote this poem that I loved. Simple poems can say a lot!

Starry Night

Dancing across the sky

With a twinkle in their eyes

Sparkling, glowing, never slowing

It’s a starry, starry night.


I love the rhyme in this poem by Kylie (11):


Blazing red flames

Burning the wood

Trying to escape

The black, metal grate



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