Akaroa, Lake Wanaka and Boyne Island -these poems moved me on Poetry Box

When I was in Christchurch I visited Fendalton Open Air School, and did a long workshop with keen writers. It was such a great experience for me as the room buzzed with scratching pens and poems. I loved the way students were willing to give anything a go and take their poems into the playground of words. Thank you lovely young poets – visiting you was a treat!

Here are three poems that caught my ear as the students stood and shared them.

Rory is aged ten and in Year 5. I love this poem. I love the way the words curve and repeat and sing and shine. It makes a place I have never been to (I want to very much!) come alive in my mind – a little glowing Akaroa. Great job Rory!


Glistening sun
burning down on hills
like a ray of fire.
Birds chirping
and slowly
gliding down from the cloudless sky.
People laughing
and talking
as they tread down the sloped hills.
Hotels standing
tall and still
like trees not making a sound.
Not much sound
as the mountains
stand tall and quiet.
As the cars
take off

dirt flies behind.



Patrick wrote this wonderful poem about a place he went to stay in Australia after the quake. When I hear him read it i could hear the love he felt for it shimmering in every line. The short lines work a treat. I love the build up of things that make the place so vivid. Great job Patrick!

Boyne Island


My friends,

Shouting my name,

Bell ringing,

Lunch is over,

Lots of work,

But not so hard,

Library time,

It’s like another planet,

Home time,

A house on stilts,

Heavy rain,


Heavy rain,








Too hot at times,

Too cold at times,

The new world,

I wish to escape,

And travel there,

But gravity will not let me,


Thick and thin,

Salty air,

Rusting our BBQ,

Wake up early,

Reading when the world’s asleep,

The bridge,

Gateway to this paradise.


Charlotte wrote this poem. She is 11 and in Year 6. I really love this poem as it has surprising lines that make me see Lake Wanaka a bit differently. I also like the shifting rhythms in the poem. Great job Charlotte!



Lake Wanaka Beach


Water lapping

ducks aboard the water

low cloud sinking down


Drowning boulders

startled people

running across

the beach

screaming and yelling


Whistling wind

puts shivers to



Boggy swamps

trees not free

never a hope to live


Tourists noises

camera clicks

taking in what’s

best to them

4 thoughts on “Akaroa, Lake Wanaka and Boyne Island -these poems moved me on Poetry Box

  1. Fiona Farrell

    I live near Akaroa and this is such a great description of the place – I especially love the cars racing down the street: that is exactly how it is, tossing up the dirt as they go! Well done!

  2. Morrin Rout

    What a accomplished poems – so evocative and precise! Well done poets and well done Paula for your encouragment of their writing and giving us all the chance to enjoy them.


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