sometimes it is wonderful getting really wet

It was one of those poetry days on the beach this morning with the wind tearing like a wild thing up and down and the hail nipping my cheeks like a fierce puppy. Some tourists were racing back, sopping wet. Soon I was sopping wet and all I could see were the faint dots of Michael and the dogs running in the distance. Sometimes it is really wonderful getting really wet and really cold before you get home to get really warm and eat a piping hot savoury scone before you have to go out and do things.


2 thoughts on “sometimes it is wonderful getting really wet

  1. Jill Rawnsley

    Love that photo Paula – the far land mass looks like a kangaroo having a snooze – could be that I’m projecting

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    1. Paula Green Post author

      I love the way everything slips and slides so one moment the headland is a face guarding the beach and the next minute a snoozing kangaroo.

      Spectacular and wild this morning. I needed a good shakeup.


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