my grandmother’s garden, Piha, Onetangi and Maui … sizzling, simmering, shining

Here are the poems I have picked to post by the Year 6 children at Titirangi Primary School.  Not cats but favourite places.


Chelsea is 10. I really love this poem-picture she made of her grandmother’s garden. The real detail helped the picture grow. I especially love the way ‘garden’ is in the title but there is a slightly different word at the end of the poem.  I hope her grandmother reads this. Great job Chelsea!

My Grandmother’s Garden

Planting roses, bluebells and daffodils throughout the day

skipping under the sun, dancing and laughing.

Her purple cloak drags along the pebbly path

birds chirping, the wind howling.

Oh, I love my grandmother’s gardening.


Isabel is 11. I love the thoughtfulness of this poem. It took me right to the gallery and I felt like I was standing there looking at a painting. I really like the ending. It makes me pause and wonder too. Great job Isabel!

The Art Gallery

Cold stone tiles under my feet.

Sounds echo in the rooms.

People talking. Discussing.

Inspiration fills the building.

Glass walls show the world real art.

Bright colours and historic art meet.

Wonderment fills the eyes of the onlookers.

Big doors open.

A garden with sculptures surround me.

Green grass.

Stone sculptures.

It makes me pause, then wonder.


Cassidy is 11. I love the delicious words on the end of the lines in this poem. The poem makes a terrific picture of Piha. This is not any beach it is most definitely Piha so the words work well. Great job Cassidy!

Piha Beach

The hot black sand is burning

kids splashing in the shallows

Lion Rock is standing proud

the big dunes are covered in soft black sand

surfers are running across the beach.


Heather is 10. I love the bright detail in this poem. And the way the poem moves to the last line. Some very tasty words make this poem shine.  Great job Heather! 

Onetangi Beach

Skuttling crabs, hiding in the jagged rocks

Waves rippling on the long sandy shores

Children swimming, diving, playing

Pohutukawa trees

Casting shadows on the sand

Birds chirping like ongoing whistles,

Onetangi Beach.


Reid is 10. Reid has shown you don’t need to use heaps of words to write a cool poem. I love the delicious words, the striking images. I love saying this poem out loud: ‘sharp dark rocks’ — how good is that. I think Reid has made a poem postcard. Great job Reid!

The Beaches of Maui

Lots of loungers, light bright sand

like a burning hot oven, crashing

white waves, sharp dark rocks

people sunbathing all around and a 

big blue ocean view.









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