Poetry Box likes! Lemony Snickett picks some cool poems and says ‘poetry is like a curvy slide in the playground’

                                              Unknown-2          9780061757099 9780062132949

As you all know, Lemony Snickett has written a brilliant set of books called A Series of Unfortunates Events (although I do think the last book in his series is the worst last-book-in-a-series I have ever read. I don’t think he knew how to finish so he threw his writing hands and his words and his computer up in the air and watched them land on a random island).

BUT enough of that! Lemony Snickett has put together a scrumptious portfolio of poems for children to read. These are not poems written especially for children (he HATES that!) because he reckons if you try and write a poem for a child you will get the wrong tone. Oh dear, I am Contrary Mary here as every poem in Macaroni Moon was written for children (not at ALL for adults, I don’t know what adults will think of them!).

I do like the way he says ‘poetry is like a curvy slide in a playground‘ as I have always thought poetry is a bit of a playground. It is not just the slide though. It is the trampoline, and the climbing bars, and the whirligig, and the seesaw and the swings and the treehut and the tunnel and the spongy mat you can do flips on. All of that and more.

I do like the way he has picked cool poems by other poets and written little comments by each of them.

And I do like the way he says short poems are good. He says ‘many, many poems are too long; hardly any are too short.’ You know how we like writing short poems on Poetry Box.

Lemony Snickett is also great at explaining the difficult words (just as he does in his novels) and pointing out the words that make a poem more ‘interesting.’ On Poetry Box we have been on the hunt for words that shine in a line or have some kind of XFactor or are juicy or chewy. 

And I love the eye-catching illustrations by Chris Raschka.

This is a fun place to explore. Check it out here.

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