Ella’s spring poem gallops

Spring Poem

The blue sky hides no secrets over head. Not a cloud in sight. The trees sway in the gentle waft of wind. The saddle leather squeaks, and the reins feel slick between my fingers. Sienna launches into a gallop beneath me. I rock with her long stride. Memory Lane. Just the thought sends a shiver up my spine. Towering willows lean over  the sandy race. Wild jasmine and rosemary bushes hunch to the side, trying not to fall into the clear, giggling creek below. A skylark sings purely from a liquid amber, her red breast flashing against the glaring sun. I smile, my heart fizzing with love. I rock easily in the saddle, listening to Sienna’s pounding hooves. A herd of pure Angus cattle low restlessly in a side paddock, the smell of cud lingering in the air like a good dream. Life could not be more perfect.

Ella S
12 years
Year 8
Ohaupo School

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