My bird-poem diary: Counting the birds at the beach

There are so many different kinds of birds you can see at Bethells Beach. One day last week I saw all these birds and took some photos. See if you can spot the gulls, the dottorels and the pied stilts. Now I have written a poem (see under the photos).

IMG_3843 IMG_3844 IMG_3831 IMG_3833 IMG_3827

The Birds at Bethells Beach


Today at the beach I heard the fat oyster catchers

squeaking like steam kettles,


the gulls squawking like rusty tractors

and the dotterel cheeping like baby chickens.


When I went to take a photo of the pied stilts

I jumped over the stream and made a big splash


when I fell in —  my shoes all wet, my scarf

floating away and the birds taking off in fright.


Then a yippity yappity black dog came

and chased all the other birds off.


Sometimes I see paradise ducks

and herons and swallows.


I have even seen a dead albatross

and tried to imagine it flying.



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