Glen Eden Primary School gets wet (dip pip hip!)

Last week I spend two fabulous days at Glen Eden Primary School. The first day I did presentations to all the syndicates and the second day I ran a series of poetry workshops. I loved the way the children got involved as we made up poems in the hall and then again in the workshops.  To celebrate all those creative juices I will post some of the poems. I will post them in three parts.

Year I and 2 get wet!

The writing day was a rainy day so I got my group of Year 1 and 2 children to write rain poems. This is why I like visiting schools. The poems children write just blow me away — all the way home feeling very good. Congratulations young poets, all of your poems were fabulous.


I love the ending of Leo’s poem!



Boom crash bang

nice hot chocolate with marshmallows

do my homework

black clouds

snuggly warm bed

eating popcorn

build a computer


by Leo



I love the short lines in Sukhnee’s poem, the words are like raindrops on the page.




rain storm

dip pip hip

loud lightening

watch tv

tv crying hard rain

very hard storm


by Sukhnee



I love the way Jainal sometimes just has one word on a line, and I love the ending.




very scary

raining on houses

very loud lightening


eating sausages.


by Jainal



I love the way Meilahni’s poem shows cosy inside things and the wet outside. Lovely!




splashy puddle

drinking hot chocolate

rain falling on roofs

grey like a storm

inside, building a tower

with blocks,

pitta patta



by Meilahni



I think Emily’s poem sounds brilliant when you read it out loud.



Tripling down

watch tv

splashing in puddles

dripping tipping

raining cats and dogs

eating hot pies

hot chocolate tastes like cocoa

grey like an elephant.


by Emily



I love the one words that are like little jumps in Ashton’s poem (puddle!).



Watch movies


grey like a building



eat fish and chips


puddle splash.


by Ashton



I think shivery is a very shiny word in Francesca’s poem.




splash in water

play with my toys


eat a sandwich

spitting water.


by Francesca



Jacob has written such a fun poem to read out loud.



Run in puddles

like grey metal

under an umbrella

cheese pie

muddle puddle

whitey clouds



by Jacob

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