A third letter about writing poems: it’s not a pirate hook, it’s a hook that takes the reader on a voyage of a lifetime.

Ewen has made lots of good points about writing poems. I love the idea of a hook – it might be a shiny word, or a tricky rhyme or a standout line or a surprising word order or two words that spark together or an image that grabs you.  And more! I loved reading this letter thanks Ewen.

Dear Paula Green,

My name is Ewen. I am in Year 6 at Fendalton Open Air School. I like reading poems that have a good flow, such as: ‘Ode To Pablo’s Tennis Shoes’. Whether the poem is imaginary or real, I also find poetry that tells a story interesting. When I read a poem I enjoy seeing a twist incorporated into the poem.

Though my most favoured poetry topic is nature, I still relish experimenting with different poetry topics, rhymes and forms. The reason why my favourite poetry topic is nature is because I can look out the window and easily find a writing idea. Also when I am reading a nature poem it is simple to visualise the scene. Nature may sound as though it is a rather broad subject but that’s what is so intriguing. Your poem can live around you!

Some people like sad poems, others prefer happy poems but I like a bit of both, as long as it has a hook. And oh yes, it’s not a pirate hook, it’s a hook that takes the reader on a voyage of a lifetime.

Ewen  aged 11, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air Primary School, Christchurch

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