bubbly foam and a hair comb … at Cornwall Park District School

This week I went to Cornwall Park District School and had a terrific time. Amanda was an excellent host and the students in Year 5 and 6 really joined in when I did my presentation in the hall.

I want to post some of the poems that came out of the workshop as they filled me with delight. But in the meantime, some students went away after the hall session and got writing.

I really like the way Jessica has reworked my poem. Her rhymes are sizzling!

Hiya Paula!
My name is Jessica, I go to Cornwall Park School. I am in Year 6 and I’m 11 years old.
You have just visited our school today, 16th September. I really enjoyed your visit! Here is my re-creation of your cheek pouch poem! I hope you like it.
I’m the girl that came up to you after your talk and recited my “soft” poem!



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