Yummy cat poems: Black stripes, ginger fur, rock on the couch

After some very busy months I finally have some clean spaces on my calendar which means lots of time to get on with my writing. BUT! Today (on my first empty day) I said yes to a day’s relieving at Waitakere School,  the school near where I live.

This afternoon we wrote cat poems, so I thought I would post some of my favourites. I loved reading them all. It was an awesome class and I liked the way the children showed respect and got stuck into all their tasks. I really enjoyed my day. Thank you!

Some cat poems by Y3 and 4 students in Room 8:


Black and shiny

purrs and lies.

It’s a house cat

that always guards.

He pounces

jumps and

shouts meow!

He eats cat biscuits

and also meat

and snuggles on

our beds.

By Thomas



My Cat

Grey black

the colour of stormy skies

smooth fur

soft as a cotton ball

crazily funny

acting like a silly clown

‘Oh cat, oh cat, how silly

can you be!’

Hungry, young

sleepy cat

time for your bedtime nap.

By Natasha



Our Cat

Black stripes, ginger fur

rock on the couch,

letters all over the floor

when the cat’s about.

Cat staring at me just

wants some milk.

Time to sleep, let’s

see, ahhh, some comfy silk,

cuddly cat.

By Anataia




White cat

black cat

yellow cat

fluffy cat

lazy cat

tabby cat

silky cat

shy cat

stuck up in a tree cat.


By Charlie and Teak




Fat, big

black and grey

fluffy, silky, fuzzy

pounces on the curtains.

A very silly cat.

My best cuddly friend

sleeps on my bed all day long,

my soft ball of fur.

By Bryn

Fur Ball

Slumpy mumpy cat

purry furry surry cat

lumps of fur

wumpy lumpy scary cat

fat ball of fur

grey and white lump of fuzzy fur

like an old man’s beard,

fur ball.

By Toby

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