Little fat songing bird (some imaginary bird poems!)

Back to Waitakere School today to relieve the Year 3 and 4 class again. I had a fabulous day. I really loved the stories we wrote this morning using the first sentence of a James Norcliffe novel to get started. This afternoon though it was poetry time again and the children spent an hour making up birds for our poems. It was fun and the classroom was humming with ideas. I loved them all but here are a few of my favourites:

The Indiana Bird

Indigo bird

dark green bird

black bird

dark blue bird,

flutters along the sky.

Blue eyes

golden beak

sawing wings

golden legs,

a glorious bird of beauty.

Little fat bird

songing bird,

a New Zealand Master.


By Natasha



Smobble Wiggle Bob

Swooping swishing

swopping wishing

brown legs

fluffy tail

big and round

blue and green

eyes are pink

beak is gold

sleeps on a leaf

tweet, tweet, tweet

special bird

perfect pecky perfect bird,



By Lydia



Strange Bird

Deep down

in the woods

in a cold possum

trap, a percakiwi

lies with its little

babies that tap.

Brown black

pink blue, the

colours of the

birds, tweti tweti

the sounds of

the percakiwi.


By Amy



Snakedrag Bird

Blue bird

black bird grey bird

big bird monster bird

yellow bird

laser eye bird.


By Matthew







It’s the strangest




gets killed by

the sun.

Its enormous

wings speed around

the place.

It hides in the dark

every day.

Grey tall


razor sharp


big red


Black hair

on top

of his


like a


beak like

a sword.


By Delton



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