Not every day at the beach is the same

Often when I go to the beach in the morning there is no one else around for miles, but every day is a little bit different. The waves don’t always look the same, the birds come and go and I see different things washed up on the sand.

Sometimes though things are really different. Like the other day! I wrote about it in this poem:

Not Every Day at the Beach Is the Same


The dog always waits for the surfer.

She lies on the sand and waits

as he rides the wave.

She never barks at our dogs.

Today she was in the water

freezing  her paws off,

staring out to sea

as if she wanted to learn

to surf, or just get home

to chew her bone.


Three people come running

towards me, arms waving, and yelling

blue jacket yellow jacket red jacket.

Then their arms dropped.

‘We thought you were one of us,’

they said.


The dog is still waiting,

her paws must be frozen stiff.


IMG_3896 IMG_3897 IMG_3898

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