Holiday Poem Camp: Cinderella takes part in a Revolting Rhyme

Here is the first delicious poem for our Poem Holiday Camp. Linda also wrote me a cool letter. I have read Roald Dahl and his Revolting Rhymes. I really love Danny the Champion of the World and Fantastic Mr Fox. And what a coincidence, I know Maungakaramea, because that is where my father lived. I grew up in Whangarei and went to all my schools there (apart from first one, Petone Central). It sounds like you have had a wonderful year so far. I love the idea of the Treasure topic and will borrow it for a competition next term.  So best wishes to Linda for her holidays.  Her poem follows her letter.

I like the zany rhyme and the ‘races’ that pop up on the kitchen floor. Maybe this poem could have different endings — maybe Cinderella could show that she is good at other things too.  I started trying to imagine all these other wacky things that Cinderella might be good at. Like balancing on one foot or doing handstands or juggling balls the longest. How else could this poem end? I often try out several endings for a poem. Let me know!


Hi, Paula Green!

How’s it going? Thank you for informing me about posting my poem. It was quite long, so I didn’t think that you were going to post it beause it’s more of a story than a poem. Have you searched up or read Roald Dahl’s funny book Revolting Rhymes? It’s what we had to base it on, the funny rhyming parody of different fairytales. Just some info on what school I go to:
I go to Parnell District School in Auckland. I am in in room 27 with Mrs.Brett. She has the same first name as me, Linda! This year we are studying Treasures. In term one the year 5/6 syndicate did treasuring our family and our class chose to write a booklet on three treasures: A family/friend, an object, and a place. In term two we did treasuring our planet and wrote a sort of an essay about it with Mr.Edgerly (a reliever teacher). Then in term three we studied birds, and did lots of things on them, this included studies, bird projects, paintings, bird watching, and much more. I learned so much from it, and it was so much fun. It made me think of doing ornithology for a hobby. I am always searching for interesting birds all the time, watching them, and taking photos. We have tons of native birds at our farm, and I have taken lots of photos. We go to our farm every weekend and at the end of next year we will probably move theere. It is located in Maungakaramea, there is a turn to Whangarei, one to auckland, and one to Maungakaramea. We go down the Maungakaramea one. We also have lots of native birds at our forest all the way up north in Manganui. Including kiwis. We have a shed in there where we place our tents and we sleep in there. We hear the kiwis screeching and squalking at night sometimes. They probably live near the creek or pond. We have lots of native plants near there and all arond the farm. We will construct it into a house and will no longer have to sleep in the tents. Any way, I definetely got WAAAAY off track, so I’ll have to say good bye here. See’ya!

Have a happy holiday!





Cinderella was a poor girl who slept in a room all alone.

It was filled with straw, and just a plank of wood for a phone.


She stayed by the fire and got covered in cinders and ash,

and all she had for a meal was mouldy sausages and mash!


“Sweep the room!” her stepmother would yell, “And tidy the floor!”

“Dust the furniture!” “And fix up that door!”


Sadly she had to live this horrible life,

for she wasn’t allowed to run away or slit her throat with a knife.


But one day hope came in a small, enclosed letter,

said ‘every maiden was invited to a ball, but it gets better!


You’d get to introduce yourself, and then get a chance to marry the prince,

and then you’d live in a splendid castle where you could eat pork chops and mince!


Hearing this, the stepsisters rushed to pamper their head,

but the stepmother cruelly handed Cinderella a list of chores to do instead!


Cinderella swept and cooked and stopped for a rest,

not knowing that this would soon put her to the test.


She swept and swept till she could sweep no more,

and suddenly, house-chore races popped up all over the floor!


She was so astonished, she didn’t know what to do,

as it was held by the prince, and one of the races was cleaning the loo!


This was her moment, this was her chance!

She rushed to the races without a single glance.


She worked well against the racers, oh, yes she worked hard!

She swept, cooked and cleaned until she was scarred!


With happiness and pride she won all the races,

No matter how many plasters she wasted on bruises and grazes,


The prince then chose her not because of how she looked,

But her kind actions, and how well she cooked.


The very next day the prince asked for her hand in marriage,

Saying “Yes!” they then happily went home in a horse-drawn carriage.

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