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2nd fabulous poetry competition reminder

Entry details     (full details here)

1. The competition is open to New Zealand Primary and Intermediate Schools.

2. You have two terms! The deadline is 30th September 2013 (a few days grace after the end of Term 3).

3. Please send to my postal box as I will not accept email entries.

Paula Green PO Box 95078 Swanson Waitakere 0653

4. Please make sure each poem has the child’s first name, age, year and name of school        written on it (on the back is fine).

5.  Poems can be on any topic, in any form, but no more than 20 lines.

6. Poems can also be hand written and illustrated. I will scan these to post on the blog. I would rather not have students lift images from the internet to use as illustrations as I don’t want to face copyright issues.

7. I am keen to see a school entry that includes a range of ages.

7. Any questions to or post your question on the blog for all to see the answers.

Aunt Concertina & her niece Evalina 13

Naomi has a favourite popstar

I don’t usually post poems in term time unless they are for the challenges and competitions. But Naomi can’t take her braille notebook home in the holidays. I worked with Naomi in a workshop this year and I discovered she is a big fan of a certain popstar. So here you go Naomi … your poem! I do hope you try writing more poems about all kinds of things in all kinds of ways because it’s fun. Warm regards from Paula

Here is my acrostic poem about a special popst

demi lovato

Diamonds In the sky
Eager young girl
My little popst
Imaginative creative girl
lovely sweet 21 year old
aobedient and adoreable
vivacious and bright like the brightest shining light in the sky
awesome laid back and relaxed
totally amazing and natural
outstanding and original.

Naomi year 8 aged 13 from homai blennz school for the blind

Toucan Can: It is big book, a gorgeous book, that will get you wanting to make up some rhymes about a fabulous bird

 Toucan Can by Juliet MacIver, illustrated by Sarah Davis, published by Gecko Press, 2013

9781877467530   9781877467530

Gecko Press is a small New Zealand publisher with a glowing reputation because they consistently publish children’s books that matter. They go on the hunt for story treasure around the world and transform that treasure into books that gleam. The stories they choose are often very simple but always take you on magnificent story travels. You might laugh, you might cry, but you will always put the book down feeling better for having read it. The books always have gorgeous illustrations.

Sometimes Gecko Press goes on the hunt for story treasure in New Zealand. This new book is a perfect example of that. Toucan Can is a zany rhyme story full of bounce and zip and zest. Toucan is a bird that can do lots of things that not many others can (then there are things Toucan can’t do!). Juliette MacIver wrote the zippy nippy rhymes and Sarah Davis did the tasty illustrations. It is big book, a gorgeous book, that will get you wanting to make up some rhymes about a fabulous bird whether you are five or fifty.

Here is delicious little bit from the story:

Now Toucan

has a NEW plan.

With the frying pan

and a stew can,

he can juggle

one-hand, two-hand

while he cancans

on a fruit-can!


Gecko Press here

Juliet MacIver’s Storyline’s page here

Sarah Davis here

His sticklike beak, pale and creamy (from Cornwall Park District School — bird poems with little gold nuggets)

Recently I visited the wonderful Cornwall Park District School. What a treat to work with all the Year 5 and 6s in the hall — sharing poems and making up poems and talking about poetry. I thought this was a tip top school to visit with children joining in with gusto and glasses of water on hand for me (and jellybeans!).

I also did a writing workshop with a group of year 5 and 6 students and their bird poems blew me away. There are nuggets of gold in these poems. Great detail makes their birds come alive on the page. Excellent verbs give their poems movement. And all the poems I picked have standout lines that I want to say over and over. I will let you go on the hunt for these delicious poetry treats. Feel free to write a commwent for the young poets and make their day.

The bird poems:



It stomps through the swamp

holding its head up high

Blue and white and black feathers

rustling in the wind.

Red beak snap snap snap at a spider

flaps its wings and takes off

soaring like an aeroplane

legs dangling like limp tree branches

after a storm.


By Jenny




Their tawny wings soar through the night

with wide yellow eyes and a hooked nose

beating their wings they take flight

but as they spot mice they slow.

They sweep up their prey

making sure it doesn’t fall

then they vanish before day

leaving nothing but their call.


By Sammy




Proud, majestic

stands as tall as a king,

nibbling berries with its bullet beak.

Slow swooshing wing beats in the air

emerald green plumage tumbles down its chest.

It flaps over the tall, thick forest

like a broken hang glider.

Ku ku ku ku, it softly cries,



By Emily




Tail feathers spread like a fan

Long, slender, smooth

Beak shaped like a thorn from a rose

Little, sharp, fuzzy

flapping its little wings like a butterfly,

flitter, flutter, flitter.


By Abby



Yellow Crowned parakeets

Multi coloured

gliding, swooping, clawing, biting

combed straight feathers

green with blue-tipped wings

tails like elastic being stretched

hooked beaks like an eagle’s

swoosh, swoosh sing the wings,

nearly extinct.


By Nick




Evading, twirling

grasping berries and insects

gliding peacefully over the lush green trees

beak shimmering in the sunlight.

It’s white eyebrow twitching in the wind

feeding the chirping chicks

grasping worms from the soil

fluttering from branch to branch

diving playfully after the insects,

the stitchbird.


By Robbie




Enveloped in a glossy blue coat

soaring through the bush

blissfully screeching,

red-apple beak

greedily plucking for worms,

a contented upkeep.


By Natalie





flapping its wings heavily

crashing through the undergrowth clumsily

a smooth, curved beak

vibrant plumage,

wood pigeon.


Laying eggs

chicks hatching

guzzling pigeon milk

offspring fledgling

wood pigeons.


By Max



The Hungry, Hungry Kiwi

Scouring the night

searching, searching

with beady eyes,

a low drumming call

as he wanders the night

his soft ruffles rustling,

his sticklike beak, pale and creamy,

scraping the ground for food.


By Marley

Little fat songing bird (some imaginary bird poems!)

Back to Waitakere School today to relieve the Year 3 and 4 class again. I had a fabulous day. I really loved the stories we wrote this morning using the first sentence of a James Norcliffe novel to get started. This afternoon though it was poetry time again and the children spent an hour making up birds for our poems. It was fun and the classroom was humming with ideas. I loved them all but here are a few of my favourites:

The Indiana Bird

Indigo bird

dark green bird

black bird

dark blue bird,

flutters along the sky.

Blue eyes

golden beak

sawing wings

golden legs,

a glorious bird of beauty.

Little fat bird

songing bird,

a New Zealand Master.


By Natasha



Smobble Wiggle Bob

Swooping swishing

swopping wishing

brown legs

fluffy tail

big and round

blue and green

eyes are pink

beak is gold

sleeps on a leaf

tweet, tweet, tweet

special bird

perfect pecky perfect bird,



By Lydia



Strange Bird

Deep down

in the woods

in a cold possum

trap, a percakiwi

lies with its little

babies that tap.

Brown black

pink blue, the

colours of the

birds, tweti tweti

the sounds of

the percakiwi.


By Amy



Snakedrag Bird

Blue bird

black bird grey bird

big bird monster bird

yellow bird

laser eye bird.


By Matthew







It’s the strangest




gets killed by

the sun.

Its enormous

wings speed around

the place.

It hides in the dark

every day.

Grey tall


razor sharp


big red


Black hair

on top

of his


like a


beak like

a sword.


By Delton



Not every day at the beach is the same

Often when I go to the beach in the morning there is no one else around for miles, but every day is a little bit different. The waves don’t always look the same, the birds come and go and I see different things washed up on the sand.

Sometimes though things are really different. Like the other day! I wrote about it in this poem:

Not Every Day at the Beach Is the Same


The dog always waits for the surfer.

She lies on the sand and waits

as he rides the wave.

She never barks at our dogs.

Today she was in the water

freezing  her paws off,

staring out to sea

as if she wanted to learn

to surf, or just get home

to chew her bone.


Three people come running

towards me, arms waving, and yelling

blue jacket yellow jacket red jacket.

Then their arms dropped.

‘We thought you were one of us,’

they said.


The dog is still waiting,

her paws must be frozen stiff.


IMG_3896 IMG_3897 IMG_3898

Yummy cat poems: Black stripes, ginger fur, rock on the couch

After some very busy months I finally have some clean spaces on my calendar which means lots of time to get on with my writing. BUT! Today (on my first empty day) I said yes to a day’s relieving at Waitakere School,  the school near where I live.

This afternoon we wrote cat poems, so I thought I would post some of my favourites. I loved reading them all. It was an awesome class and I liked the way the children showed respect and got stuck into all their tasks. I really enjoyed my day. Thank you!

Some cat poems by Y3 and 4 students in Room 8:


Black and shiny

purrs and lies.

It’s a house cat

that always guards.

He pounces

jumps and

shouts meow!

He eats cat biscuits

and also meat

and snuggles on

our beds.

By Thomas



My Cat

Grey black

the colour of stormy skies

smooth fur

soft as a cotton ball

crazily funny

acting like a silly clown

‘Oh cat, oh cat, how silly

can you be!’

Hungry, young

sleepy cat

time for your bedtime nap.

By Natasha



Our Cat

Black stripes, ginger fur

rock on the couch,

letters all over the floor

when the cat’s about.

Cat staring at me just

wants some milk.

Time to sleep, let’s

see, ahhh, some comfy silk,

cuddly cat.

By Anataia




White cat

black cat

yellow cat

fluffy cat

lazy cat

tabby cat

silky cat

shy cat

stuck up in a tree cat.


By Charlie and Teak




Fat, big

black and grey

fluffy, silky, fuzzy

pounces on the curtains.

A very silly cat.

My best cuddly friend

sleeps on my bed all day long,

my soft ball of fur.

By Bryn

Fur Ball

Slumpy mumpy cat

purry furry surry cat

lumps of fur

wumpy lumpy scary cat

fat ball of fur

grey and white lump of fuzzy fur

like an old man’s beard,

fur ball.

By Toby